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 Rules: Read before asking to join dbY!

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Rules: Read before asking to join dbY! Empty
PostSubject: Rules: Read before asking to join dbY!   Rules: Read before asking to join dbY! EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 11:32 am


Section I ==> The Rights!

1 - Every member is free to speak his mind, express his opinion and to question the rules. As long as he is reasonable he will be heard by the council.

2 - All members remain equal in rights, no matter how well they may be ranked.

3 - Every member is free to attack anyone he wants, but not to intentionally provoke a war.
3.1 - In that case the member responsible for the war he deliberately provoked will be on its own.
3.2 - Any member willing to help him will do so individually and not with the support of dbY.

4 - Every member has the right to do its own kind of game, no mater if it's a raiding strategy or a mining one, as long as he is willing to help whenever necessary in any way he can.

Section II ==> The Duties!

1 - Be an active player. 4 days inactive = kick.
1.1 - Even without being inactive for 4 days, if you are found to be stopped or progressing too slowly for the alliance there will be an internal voting to decide if you are kicked or not. 50% or more votes and you're out!
1.2 - If you plan on going on vacations and have no access to the internet, then warn the council and use the correct place on the forum to tell us when you are planning to come back!

2 - The main language in this alliance is English, and you should respect it in every circular communication.
2.1 - Of course you are allowed to speak your language in private messages to other members who speak the same language as you.

3 - Listen to your leader(s).
3.1 - When a decision is made by general voting or by the council, alliance members will gladly follow that decision!

4 - Don't abuse the circular message feature. (no spammers!!)

5 - Join our forum after you have been accepted in the alliance so we can work better.
5.1 - 7 days without registering after being accepted = kick.
5.2 - Your forum nick should be the same one you use ingame.

6 - If there is a voting, you must vote. Example: There will always be a voting before we declare any war.

7 - No member shall probe, insult or attack any other member of dbY or any allied member of alliances dbY may have pacts with!

8 - A member of dbY shall never spread information about any other dbY members or the alliance itself. Private information should always remain private!
8.1 - Any member found to be doing so will be kicked and considered as a personal enemy to dbY!
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Rules: Read before asking to join dbY!
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